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Life, on one level, reflects the planetary configurations and movements.  These are historical times filled with fast and changing events. In order to help bring in some planetary wisdom to these times I've added a blog for the purpose of bringing the wisdom of Vedic Astrology to these times. 


Please take a moment to read what has been written and feel free to comment or not.





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What Clients Have To Say

Satisfied Client Wednesday, 11/16/11, 10:41 AM


The recent class
about Saturn in Libra was informative and so interesting. I enjoyed the class
and found myself understanding these times so much better. Can we have more





AR Friday
2:09 PM


Linda is absolutely
amazing. After receiving a gift of speaking to her in January of this year, I
felt a sense of purpose and security. Her channels are wildly accurate and her
spirit and character give you unparalleled guidance. I feel focused and
excited, reassured and grounded after talking to her. Aside from her amazing
clairvoyant ability, she's real and will tell you things that you need to hear.
I would recommend her to anyone who wants a reading that is deep, informative
and healing.





MR Friday
2:06 PM


Linda has been a
pleasure to work with. She has the gift of accuracy, clarity and
straightforwardness. I really appreciate that she is able to offer insights
that are free of her personal bias. I look forward to working with her in the





Caty Carlin, Theater
of the Soul


I first heard Linda
Callanan speak at a conference in Orlando, Florida. I was amazed at how she
taught us all about what Vedic Astrology is, and how it flows a different
perspective than western Astrology. So, first, I would say Linda is a great
teacher. The next week, I made an appointment with Linda, and her reading was
so clear and insightful. I discovered ways in which I could approach life from
a spiritual perspective, and with more dimension than just bumbling through the
events which happen. Linda helped me to see this new place. Linda helped me to
discover when certain planets and astrological events would have affects on my
life, and how they would effect me. It was like a golden map that I used to
navigate throughout the year. Linda is clear, and speaks from decades of
experience in Vedic Astrology. She is a master at synthesizing information that
is relevant to every aspect of life. Give yourself a real gift, and have a
session with her. She is compassionate, intelligent, clear, and most
importantly, comes from a place of heart, and spirit.





BA Friday
1:58 PM


Linda Callanan's
astrological readings are thoughtful glimpses into my complex life. As someone
who continually has crossroads pop up, I view the readings as possible worlds,
always understanding that I am responsible for making decisions that will
create my future. The readings give me an understanding of the terrain of the
future, my personal path, and of the climate and atmosphere of political and
economic realms. Through the readings, I better understand how to nurture
myself, physically and spiritually. Most of all, the readings affirm my understanding
of the deeper meanings of my place in earthly time and space. I vigorously
recommend Linda's astrological readings.





Satisfied Client

Linda's explanations
of current astrological and astronomical events is extremely helpful, on a
personal, as well as a larger, more societal level. Her recent addition of a
chat room, which allows her to communicate with several people at once and
share current events, is not only timely analysis, but permits asking "real-time"
question of her of a personal or universal nature. I have found it very, very







From every consult
with Linda, I have walked away with my spirit at peace and so much clearer
about the issues discussed. Her information is right on point and incredibly







I'm very grateful to
Linda Callanan for her support and assistance through relationship turmoil and
inner journey revelations. She has a debth that can get to the truth of any






I have known and worked with Linda for over 10 years, and found her work deeply engaging and chock full of truth. She has assisted me in becoming a more conscious human being as I meet challenges along the way in myself, relationships and life situations.







Linda is a knowledgeable, experienced yoga teacher who promotes her students well-being and personal development. Additionally, she is an excellent vedic astrologer with many years of experience. Linda's ability in both areas is phenomenal, and the service she renders to her student/clients is well worth her reasonable prices. Don't hesitate to contact Linda -- she won't disappoint you!







I greatly appreciate Linda's insight as well as her practical approach to working with the energy of the planets. Her knowledge of both Vedic Astrology and Yoga allows her to offer to her clients an empowered approach to life and spirituality.









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