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Life, on one level, reflects the planetary configurations and movements.  These are historical times filled with fast and changing events. In order to help bring in some planetary wisdom to these times I've added a blog for the purpose of bringing the wisdom of Vedic Astrology to these times. 


Please take a moment to read what has been written and feel free to comment or not.





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The Importance of the


Vedic Astrology regards the Moon as the most important planetary position in a chart. The Moon is the primary indicator of the mind and emotions as well as being an indicator of one’s mother, family life, health, subconscious, stomach, creativity and karma. A strong and well placed Moon can help one move gracefully through a very challenging life while a weak or poorly placed Moon can lead a person who has all of the advantages to feel as if she is cursed. 


The Moon’s gravitational force gives to Earth the stability necessary to stay on its ecliptic path. In Jyotish the Moon is considered an important placement in a birth chart as it can indicate one’s innate ability to find mental and emotional stability as she moves through the ever shifting journey of life.


The Moon is one of the indicators of the ‘general population’and its daily movement has a profound effect on the shifting of the mood of not only ourselves but those with whom we must interact on a daily basis.


The Moon is the fastest moving of all of the planets and will move through the entire zodiac in approximately twenty-eight days. Each month the Moon will stay in a sign for approximately two and a half days. This fast movement gives each of us the opportunity to experience, on a personal level, the constant shifting of the universal energies. It also gives to us a daily opportunity to grow in awareness and to tweek our understanding of ourselves and others. Most importantly, by working with the Lunar cycles we can live life with a bit less stress as we work with, not against,
the natural cycles of the cosmos.






Yoga and the Cycles of the Moon



Yoga teaches us that ‘prana’ is the life-force energy. It is the invisible energy behind the breath. If one’s prana is strong she will be strong. If the prana is focused
the life will be strong and positive. The monthly lunar cycle is an indicator of the levels of prana available within each of us as well as what is available through the


The sign of the Moon’s location, as well as the quality of planetary involvement with the Moon color the weather of the Moon each month. Regardless of the various factors that go into each Lunar cycle yoga teaches us that the prana levels are consistent. It
is this consistency that gives us one of the most valuable tools for living life in harmony.


The New Moon takes place when the Moon and Sun are conjunct which means they share the same place on the constellation path. The New Moon is considered to be inauspicious because the Sun is overtaking the Moon during this cycle. The day of the New Moon is also the end of one lunar month and the beginning of the new one.


Prana is very low during the New Moon and it is helpful to work with conscious breathing and meditation at this time of the month. It is a good time for introspection, resting and healing as well as planning for the next month. It is not a good time for busy and stressful activities. We do not have complete control of our daily lives but in those situations in which we can schedule our activities it is best to not fill up our schedules at the time of the New Moon. No matter how busy we are we can all find some down-time and the time of the New Moon is the time when one should plan to read a book, meditate, take a long, hot bath or a quiet walk in the park. It is
better to leave the ’superwoman’ times for the Full Moon. The lower energy
cycle can be felt for about four or five days around the exact day of the New


The Full Moon is the day when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite one another on the zodiac. The Sun is a hot and fiery influence that gives great amounts of energy and ambition along with a strong pull towards the ego. During the Full Moon there is a balance between the energy of the hot Sun and that of the watery and calmer Moon. This is the four to five days of the monthwhen there is plenty of prana available and one can push themselves towards outer achievement. If, for instance, one is in sales, the Full Moon cycle is the best time for closing out sales as people are more spontaneous and outgoing during the Full Moon cycle. It is the time of the lunar cycle when it is easier to keep multiple balls up in the air.


It is also a time when confidence is high but if you or a loved one tends towards overconfidence it can be a time to keep impulses in check.   The Full Moon can be a time when emotions run high and if one has family or business associates who tend towards drama it is best to avoid trying to solve and/or discuss important issues during the Full Moon cycle.


Because of the high levels of prana available physical activity is recommended during the Full Moon cycle. A strong physical yoga session can be beneficial. Kundalini Yoga is recommended because many of the sets are specifically geared towards working
with prana and the nervous system. It is important to note that people who suffer with mental or emotional imbalances can find both the New and Full Moons more
stressful. When the Moon is highlighted the mind and emotions are highlighted as well. I have found that knowing the phases of the Moon allows me to be in
touch with my own emotions. By combining this knowledge with the right tools I
find it a bit easier to stay in balance during this historical times of imbalance. However, I often find that knowing the cycles of the Moon gives me greater patience with the world aroundme. It is much easier for me to not take it to heart when a cashier is nasty or when a loved one is being unreasonable or dramatic. I can’t change their mood but I can certainly make sure that I keep their mood in perspetive.


I’ve been working with Astrology for years and while it has not erased all of my problems nor given me a magic wand on a mundane level, the knowledge of the planetary weather has helped me walk through life with a balance that assists me through my journey.


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