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Life, on one level, reflects the planetary configurations and movements.  These are historical times filled with fast and changing events. In order to help bring in some planetary wisdom to these times I've added a blog for the purpose of bringing the wisdom of Vedic Astrology to these times. 


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            Annai Center.


Annai Center was established by Linda Callanan in 1999 as a place to bring together the wisdom of Vedic Astrology with the tools of Raj-Kundalini Yoga.


Vedic Astrology is considered to be the first system of astrology known to mankind and records have been found dating back to approximately 6,000 b.c. If the better-known western astrology is the “Mother of Science” Vedic Astrology would be the “Grandmother of Science.”


The Sanskrit word for astrology is “Jyotish” which translates as the “Science of Light.” This system of astrology is considered to be one limb of the ancient teachings of the Vedas which include the health care system of Ayurveda as well as Yoga considered by many to be science of spirituality.


These teachings date back to a time and culture in which mundane life was more stable and people were inclined to be more connected with their spirituality and inner harmony.  Vedic Astrology was used for the timing of marriages and crop planting as well as for the application of health care and the unfolding of the inner self through an understanding of energetics of the chakras. 


In the thousands of years that have passed since the sages gave us these teachings the human population grew to larger numbers, people became more attached to ego, desires for mundane objects grew and as we moved deeper into the Kali Yuga life became more complex. Due to the increased negativity of various societies the predication aspect of astrology became the larger focus.

Many of us are familiar with the “Age of Aquarius” and while it is not possible to choose an exact date for the new age it is obvious that mankind has moved into a different paradigm.  This shift has caused confusion, pain and fear throughout humanity.  Aquarius is known for innovation, science, technology and a greater emphasis of the universal connection of all humanity.  We seem to be at a moment in time when this new energy is moving too quickly while crashing right into the old energy of tribal connections along with a belief that safety comes mainly through the size of our bank accounts.  The energy of the world seems to be so erratic, angry and fearful that while the weather reports of astrology are relevant the clear predications based on mundane issues have become less important.


Now is the time when the full spectrum of the Vedic system of astrology becomes a valuable tool. Life on planet earth has always been a story of change and times of great change have always included painful challenges. Today’s challenges are the same but also different because most of the planet is involved in these challenges because of the quick advances of technology.  Due to the global nature of our challenges there appears to be a complete lack of stability and far too many feel anger, confusion and fear.


Many of the innovations of science were spoken of in different terms in the ancient teachings of the Vedas.  We hear of the importance of the connection between body, mind and spirit as well of healing modalities that now take into consideration meridian points along with the value of physical yoga and sound healing.  These were concepts that were present thousands of years ago and by working with the planetary knowledge of Vedic astrology it is possible to align with the healing and self-knowledge necessary to move through these times with graceful peace.

There are many gems coming through this particular time in history and those gems are available for all of us right now.They come by not fearing the interconnectedness of all humanity and knowing that in each of us there is a place of harmony and balance which is stronger than any challenge presented by the world.  It is that place within us that reflects the “inner light” for which the most ancient system of astrology was named. 


Through the timing of planetary movements along with the remedial tools of the combination of the teachings of sages of thousands of years ago it is possible to work through the blocks which keep us locked in ego, fear and frustration.  It is possible to have peace no matter what the outer world presents and it is this peace which is the true value of Jyotish.       

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